Seasonal Organizing: Transitioning into Fall

I love when the seasons change. Life has a tendency to be busy and frenetic, so we have to create times to slow down, reflect, and reassess, and seasonal transitions naturally lend themselves to this. The weather starts to change, and with it, our activities. Fall brings school days, rain, comfort food, and more time inside. Here are some things you can do to get into the fall mindset: 

Transition your closet

I am a huge proponent of going through your closet at least once a quarter. When fall hits, I take out all my summer specific clothing. Some things I never wore during the season, and others had a good run, but I don’t think I’ll keep them for next year, so I throw these in the donation box. I put the rest in a bin to store until next summer. I bring out the fall clothing (some of the things I stored from last year will go into the donation box as well…), give it a wash, and put it in my closet. It’s nice to see these items again, they are like familiar friends I haven’t seen in a while. I purchase a few new items that will complement and update what I have, but I don’t have to start from scratch. By reassessing my wardrobe every few months, I make sure everything I have suits my current shape and taste. Sometimes we get stuck holding onto things that no longer flatter us, or that were from a different phase in our lives, out of nostalgia or sentimentality. If you can’t fathom giving up that tattered T-shirt from high school, by all means keep it, but it doesn’t have to live in your closet. Put it in a memorabilia box. Embrace who you are, and let your closet reflect YOU in the present. 

Photo by Julie Harvey

Photo by Julie Harvey

store seasonal gear

Some summers it feels like I am going on an adventure every weekend (at least I try to!). Sometimes in the midst of all that activity, camping/summer activity gear doesn’t get put away correctly (or maybe at all...hey, life happens). Take the time to go through your stuff before retiring it for the season. Is there anything that needs replacing for next summer? Put it on a list (get great deals on items by buying them in the off season). Make sure everything is clean and properly stored, so you don’t open up your tent bag next year to find it mildewed and ruined. Lastly, as you go through the ritual of putting away your summer things, you have time to reflect on the joys you had, while preparing yourself for a change of pace. 

Get Cozy

Bring out the throw blankets and the candles! Stock your pantry with tea/cider/pumpkin spice/hot toddy-supplies! I personally want all the decorative squash I can afford in my house. What makes you feel warm and cozy? You do you. 

Schedule Fall Fun

What are your favorite things about fall? All things pumpkin? Halloween? Cooler weather?  Be sure to put some fall activities and time with family and friends on your calendar before it gets too full. No activity is too “small” to put on the calendar, and sometimes it’s necessary to do so. I adore walking around my neighborhood and seeing the leaves change color, but sometimes it’s hard for me to take a break because I feel guilty thinking that there are “more productive” ways I could be spending my time. When I schedule short walks (or other enjoyable, recuperative activities) into my day, they become non-negotiable, and I don’t have to feel guilty because I’m doing exactly what I planned for that moment. Make time for the things you love, you’ll fit in the things you have to do around it. 

Happy Fall, everyone!