Seasonal Organizing : Summer in Portland!

If you’ve lived in Portland a while, you’re probably used to summer officially starting a little late here. We might get a teaser week or two, but usually have rain right up until July 4th. It’s a bit of an awkward transition, but once we get there, we have some of the most beautiful weather I’ve seen anywhere. Whenever there’s a change of season, I like to give my home a little refresh. Everything is changing outdoors, so why not reflect that in your home environment? 

Closet Reorganization

I love rotating my clothes according to season. (If you’re looking to downsize, check out this past blog about creating a capsule wardrobe) It keeps my closet sleek and manageable, and eliminates the visual overwhelm that makes it difficult to find what I want to wear. Now’s the time to pack up your heavy, bulky sweaters, jackets, and boots, and bring out brighter, airier items. If your winter goods are taking up a lot of space, try vacuum sealing them in bags for easier storage.

Photo by Christelle Bourgeois

Photo by Christelle Bourgeois

Living Room Reset

Put away those cozy blankets, and bring out some lighter and brighter throws. Add some color with new greenery (Yay plants!! Don’t forget to mist your tropicals as the weather gets warmer) and accessories. 

Kitchen Details

I eat a lot more fruit in the summer, and fresh veggies from the garden. I love to put out beautiful bowls or baskets to display my delicious bounty. Here’s a handy guide on how to best store them.

Travel-Ready Organizing

Make sure your toiletries bag is well stocked with travel-size items, and clear bags (for going through airport security), and keep all your travel items stored together in the same area. If you like spontaneous road trips and camping, put together a Grab-n-go bag or bin, so you’re not gathering up all the necessary items from scattered places. Have a checklist of things you usually take with you, but don’t store away with the travel items. Make it easy to take off whenever you desire!

Summer Schedule: Managing your time

There are so many amazing summer events in Portland! Do yourself a favor, and schedule in your favorites. Too often we think “I’d like to go to that this year..” but then we forget about it or get busy and end up missing out. Schedule in FUN FIRST, so you can arrange your work and responsibilities around the things you love to do. Don’t let summer pass you by!