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We're Mackenzie and Alissa, the faces/voices/helping hands behind Abridged.

Home Organizers Alissa Fuchs and Mackenzie Gray in Portland, Oregon

the abridged organizing Philosophy:

We met in Portland in 2007, when we both began working on a team providing behavioral therapy to adults with Autism. It was there that we spent years cultivating a deep understanding of what motivates people, how to encourage good habits and make them stick, and the importance of establishing systems that work for you and your life.

With over 18 combined years of work in the field, we have a solid skill set that works perfectly alongside another passion of ours: space & life organization. We all need it - and even more than that, we believe that putting these systems into place will simplify and enrich life, leaving more room for the people and experiences you love most. It's as basic as that. We believe deeply that life is best spent enjoying it.

What do these systems look like? Well, that depends on you. We take a holistic approach to organizing. We want to know who you are, what makes you tick, and what your goals are. We want to get to the root of your challenges, so we can find solutions that work for you over the long term. Do you have trouble getting out of the door on time? Maybe you need help finding a home for your things, so that you can find them easily when you need them. Or perhaps what you really need is help budgeting your time within your morning schedule. We toss the one-size-fits-all approach for something more personal. We provide recommendations, both analog and digital, to help you based on your temperament and how you’re motivated.

We can’t wait to work with you!

Meet Your Organizer: Mackenzie

Mackenzie's love of organization goes way back to childhood when she would stay up (way past her bedtime) to rearrange her furniture - no corner left unturned. Since then, a love of a tidy, minimalist space has followed her into adulthood, from creating and maintaining efficient office spaces. From running her own business to winning at motherhood.

She moved to Portland from sunny San Diego in 2004 in pursuit of open space and a B.A. in Psychology from Lewis & Clark College. Mackenzie worked in the field of Behavioral Psychology for 13 years, helping individuals with Autism thrive in their communities. She started the business with Alissa in 2018, and is devoted to helping her clients create organizing systems and beautiful aesthetic vision.

When she is not working as an organizer, Mackenzie loves family farmer's market runs, renovating her charming 1927 cottage, and chasing her busy toddler and twins. She thoroughly enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, painting things white, and snacking passionately.

Favorite Local Shops: Field Trip, Gurton's Plant Shop, Schoolhouse Electric

Favorite Restaurants:  Tusk, Cheese & Crack

Favorite Local Park: Sauvie Island

Organizing Truism: Live More out of Intention than Habit

Meet Your Organizer: Alissa

Alissa loves helping people, and is a total geek about organizing. She has an eclectic background, from behavioral therapy and special education to teaching yoga and aerial dance. Yet no matter the endeavor, Alissa is always looking for ways to find order, efficiency, and beauty.

Alissa has lived in Portland for 11 years and loves her community here. She enjoys meeting with friends for games or happy hour, outdoor adventures, dancing, reading and volunteering. Her wish is to help others find balance between productivity and making time for the people and experiences they love. Alissa is a Professional Member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, serves on the NAPO Oregon Resource Committee, and is dedicated to continuously learning and honing her craft. 


Favorite Local Shops: Game Rules, Pistils Nursery, Artifact

Favorite Restaurants:  Handsome Pizza, Pied Cow Coffeehouse

Favorite Local Park: Sauvie Island, Laurelhurst

Organizing Truism: Don't be a Slave to your Stuff