During the In-Home Assessment, we will visit your space to get a better sense of what you need. We want to get to know you, and get to the root of what you wish to accomplish. At this time, we will discuss a plan of action, timeline, and possible supplies needed for the project. Once we have completed the Assessment, we can schedule a session.


The first step to de-cluttering your home is to give it a thorough edit. We guide you through the process of deciding what you need, what you love, and what you could part with. Your consultant will take your unwanted items to the appropriate donation centers, so that someone else can enjoy them.


Once you know what to keep, we will be able to find a logical home for these items. During the revision process, we will create organizational systems that will support your goals, and help you stay organized in the future. We always try to use what you already have first, but we can also suggest organizational products that fit your needs and style. 


In the refining phase, we put the finishing touches on your space. We will finalize any rearranging, tidy up, and enjoy the results of all that hard work! Over the next few months, you can and should reach out to us with feedback on how your systems are working for you and yours. We want to help you keep the clutter at bay, indefinitely.