Do you feel stressed out by the clutter and chaos in your home? Do you feel stuck in a rut? Is your disorganized space keeping you from accomplishing what you need or want to achieve? It’s time to hit the reset button!

What will home organization give you?

Control over your environment

A home that you feel proud of

More time to spend with family and friends

Energy to pursue your passions

The calm that streamlined systems bring to your life


Home Organizers Mackenzie Gray and Alissa Fuchs


Abridged is a partnership between Mackenzie and Alissa, two friends who share a background in Behavioral Therapy. Our job was to create systems to support positive behavioral choices.

In 2018, we created Abridged PDX. As professional organizers, we work with, not against your habits and tendencies to create lasting results. Our job is to provide you with strategies that will help you control your clutter long after we're gone.

You can hire us individually, or as a team, at an affordable rate.

Home Organizing Solutions


Home Organization: Tackle one room or the whole house. We've got you covered!

Paperwork/Office Organization: Get those papers under control!

Stylish Baby-Proofing: Just because you have kids, doesn't mean your house has to look like it...

Downsizing: We help you determine what to keep, and how to arrange it in your new, smaller space.  

Preparing for a move, or unpacking: Let us help you make a fresh start!


Kids  Eco- Friendly Organizing Solutions and Systems


By decluttering, you are not only creating more physical space in your home, you are also allowing someone else to find joy in the things you no longer want and need. We encourage you to let go more often!

We are passionate about recycling, upcycling, and reusing whenever possible. We donate your unwanted items to the appropriate donation centers. We want to support local organizations such as Scrap, Free Geek, and the Rebuilding Center, which keep items out of the landfill, re-sell them at affordable prices, and provide ongoing community education. 

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